Band Biography

We Two are two musicians with pop music from Switzerland. The band compose and produce on their own. With a lot of songs they have Airplay in several Radiostations.

Very unique is the We Two concept:

Two voices, one guitar and drumbeats and they sound like a whole live band.

The songs from We Two are mostly in Englisch but often also in Swiss German.The band was born in 2019 as a studio project. Their first album they produced in 2020 and they already had a lot of possibilities to play. At the same time the pandemic came along. Because of that the band was kept on hold with their start. Nevertheless, We Two kept on going and they could play a lot of gigs and produces together with their album 8 other singles.

We Two are full of energy and passion. At the moment they are in the studio to compose new songs for their next album.

The Band:

Simone Häuselmann - Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Artwork, Creative Director, Producer.

Rainer Schudel - Guitar, Bass, Drumbeats, Backing Vocals, Composer, Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Recording.

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