Band Biography

„Grooviges Pop Country-Pop Duo“

We Two are two musicians from Switzerland. The band does everything on their own. They write, compose, produce and record their own songs.

With a lot of their songs they got already AIRPLAY. The music from We Two is very uplifting, passionate and they have their own unique groove. The melodies and the magical Lyrics make the sound unforgettable. The two musicians bring the audience to dance. We Two have produced 1 Album and 8 Singles. The music from We Two is not only unique but also made in the „We Two Style“ and made form heart.


The Band:

Simone Häuselmann - Vocals, Lyrics, Artwork, Creative Director, Producing.

Simone is an artist in writing songs. With her unique voice she brings words alive. Simone is a musician with passion and power.

Rainer Schudel - guitar, bass, drumbeats, Backing Vocals, producing, recording.

Rainer is a multi talent in playing different instruments. As a child he started to play the drums. Later on, he teached himself how to play the guitar and the bass. Rainer speaks the language of music.

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